Global Village Foundation Poland


We operate since 2015 mainly in the field of documentary filmmaking, with a purpose to motivate consumers of modern media to be conscious and active members of their communities. Together with our benefactors and volunteers we participate in projects to explore cultural diversity, environmental conditions and business potential of the distant lands, as well as the local homelands and regions. Priority is fulfilment of our status tasks, with purpose to influence the level of culture, education and social bounds of Polish people home and abroad, as well as socio-economical development of the Republic of Poland, as well as those Communities, who find themselves in ordeal or challenge.


Global Village Foundation Poland (Fundacja Globalna Wioska) is a non-profit organization registered in Gdynia, Poland. Your support is highly appreciated.


Contact Information

ul. Granatowa 23
81-113 Gdynia

Bank account: 69 1140 2004 0000 3702 7597 0956

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