„Soul Doctor” – the Movie

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film_lekarz_dusz_01What do these two places have in common: the tripoint of the Polish, Czech, and Slovak borders in Europe and the largest (2.093.000 km2), the coldest (-60⁰C) Roman-Catholic diocese  in the world? After 23 years of missionary work among Canadian Inuit, on the 16th of February 2013, Father Anthony Wiesław Krótki, born in Jaworzynka, Poland, was appointed Bishop of Churchill-Hudson Bay Diocese. This story gives an example of Polish openness to other cultures as well as the human issues, regardless of latitude under which we live.


The movie has been made according to plans and resources provided by the Producer – Renata Kołacz. Participating professionals are Wojciech Ostrowski – camera-man and polar explorer (i.e. documenting Arctic expedition of Jakub Mela), Mariusz Elert – filmmaker associated with Video Studio Gdańsk and director Dorota Jagielska.

film_lekarz_dusz_03The subject has been approached by the film crew in a self-demanding manner. That is why it was decided to shoot the film during the Polar winter, which translated into artistic and educative qualities of the work. Plans in Canada have been shot in February 2015 in Toronto, Winnipeg, Churchill and Rankin Inlet. In the spring picturing of the plans in Jaworzynka and other locations in Poland followed. Finally, the movie has been fitted with the English subtitles and with music composed by Marek Żuk.

See the trailer:

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